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Leather Impact


Can you imagine a time in our existence when leather was vital? There was a time when it was used to transport water and wine, cover living spaces, as a seat on the backs of our animal transportation, and wrapped around our bodies for protection and warmth. There are countless other important uses for leather which surpass the thoughts of ‘choice and luxury’ often invoked in our modern times.  While we feel that this association is a positive and accurate one, we hope leather never loses its constant place in this world as something more; something that we still need.

Leather Impact, Incorporated is a business that emerged in 1999 from what can only be categorized as a ‘different era’ in New York City, especially for the ‘Garment District.’ Things change for the better or worse, but they always change. Prior to its creation, leather associated with this operation was sold by a single family and its loyal staff as tanned hides or in custom-finished items, for almost 20 years in New York City.

The main difference with the new business was a more singular focus on only top-quality tanned leather and suede and ceasing the production of finished goods. We believe in the term ‘a jack of all trades, a master of none.’ Placing all of our efforts on searching for and obtaining only superior materials from around the world, used by all trades from fashion to interior design, has proven to be the best choice of action. It allows us to accomplish the highest level of understanding in the products that we offer and in turn, create a satisfied end user.

We are a small, private company, with all staff members having been employed with it since its inception. The legacy of Francois, the late founder is taken very seriously. His reputation in the industry was a deserved one of trust and respect. Regardless of any baseless negative commentary online or elsewhere, we know that we have upheld that legacy to the best of our ability. This is a business but it is also very personal.

Leather Impact, incorporated has one main purpose. To locate, purchase and distribute the best leather and suede from around the world to anyone and everyone who has the desire and need for such materials. The quantity can be small or large. The color can be common or custom. Please allow us to help you make a better choice. Thank you for your consideration.

The Staff.
Leather Impact, Inc.