Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

Q: Can anyone purchase materials from your company? A: YES, we are a wholesale and retail operation. We accept all major credit cards, money orders and checks. In the event of payment by check, materials purchased must be held for several days in order to verify sufficient funds. Q: What…


I should have posted a photo like this a long time ago. Here we have 2 HALF hides of COW leather. The NECK is the narrow portion at the bottom of the image, tail is top. There are other ways to cut the hide, but that is a different topic….

Understanding the Materials – SHAPE

When you look at the last post, where FULL hides were shown, you begin to see how irregular the shape is. What I mean by this, the animal hide is removed at the same approximate locations; the knee joints, the beginning of the neck and before the tail, but these…

Interview Excerpts Part 1

I am sorry for the delay in new posts. We have recently MOVED our showroom from 256 to 240 West 38th Street in Hell’s Kitchen and feel this location is more efficient and polished, making more sense for our style and what we are trying to ‘show.’ We hope you…

More Snakes

I will probably add snake designs to this section many times. I used to own a ‘ball’ python and other snakes as pets. I like them personally. Here, we are discussing other leathers such as cow, lamb and pig, being tanned and finished in a manner to APPEAR as snakes. This allows…

It’s just a matter of time

I am tired on a different level tonight. We are in the process of moving our operation. After 15 years in the same building, we have to move a little bit of leather East, down the block in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. 240 will be the new door number on 38th Street in January…

Metallic Leather – An Introduction

This is an introduction to ‘METALLIC‘ leather. For the sake of simplifying things, and leather is more complex than most think, so that’s always going to be a challenge, I will try to add comments on different finishes but they will all be listed as metallic leather here. As you…

A Quick PERSONAL Thought on Social Media

I often think if my only brother were alive today, he would have a hard time with the world we now live in. Yes, it has always been cruel but the power of our reach has never been longer, to inflict damage in print. I rarely heard him or my…

Lamb Leather Part 1

Lamb leather, as a human tool, has been around for some time. One of my favorite things on Earth (wine) was once commonly carried, as was water and other liquids, in this dried skin. They may have used goats or other animals as well but it’s still a cool story,…

Before We Begin…

People ask me everyday, ‘and what do you do for a living?’ Internally, I’m not sure what to say. I usually reply with ‘I’m just a salesman’ or ‘I’m a distributor.’ This may be true to an extent. I have been called an animal from a dying breed. One magazine…

Another Way to Create a Two-Tone Effect

This is an additional note to the article on ‘tipping’ leather, which was discussed with regard to ‘croc’ scales. Not all leather is created equal, a line I will continue to use and repeat. That said, some leather is not tanned in a way that it has a clear finish…

Lamb Leather Part 2 – Some Pretty Pictures

Here are some images that accompany Part 1 and have additional commentary with each item. It can lay quite flat without any manipulation at the bends as well as the flat surface areas. How a ‘relaxed’ piece of lamb appears on a flat table. Disregard the creases from folding, they…

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