When you look the image of lamb hides, you begin to see how irregular the shape is. What I mean by this, the animal hide is removed at the same approximate locations; the knee joints, the beginning of the neck and before the tail, but these end at slightly different lengths. Consider, like all living things, no 2 are the same. They can be Similar in shape based on the type of animal or breed, but if you laid out a bundle of lamb hides, for instance, those 12 skins would all look a little different. What is the most useful to notice, would be the central area where patterns would be laid down. If there is a need for longer patterns without cuts and stitch breaks, the skins that are longer are preferred. The difference can be many inches, so it is critical to understand and make decisions Before cutting away. Some will be shorter, stockier and fatter. Some will be longer and leaner. (SEE PICS) of 2 lamb skins that are the same animal at a similar age, yet have quite Different shapes. Many people approach leather for the first time, with fabric rolls on their mind. This is Not a 48 or 52 inch foll of fabric, rolled out by the yard, where one can cut right to the edges of things and rely on uniformity. Although square footage and meters are used to measure the Overall size of the hides, one can clearly see, the material has different limitations entirely. understandinglambhidesblog1

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