Since Genuine Leather Does Not come on rolls like fabric, more initial thought must go into the choice of type. Elsewhere, we offer mention of a 54 inch width fabric roll, extended 1 single linear yard = just under 20 square feet of leather, approximately. Upholstery of large areas such as sofas and wall panels require large hides without any stitch break. This is why full cow hides are often required. Cow, also offers many finishes and thicknesses while remaining strong, durable and lacking stretch (unless tanned specifically for this feature). Hides of large animals are most often split, if they are made into half hides or sides, along the spine region, creating 2 long panels from the neck (head area), followed by the shoulder area, to the side area (belly) ending at the back area. There will usually be some imperfections at the neck, belly and leg (end of belly)  areas. This is simply nature. They take the most stretch and wear. We carry European Cow Hides, which tend to run larger than (for example, South American hides). 60 square feet is not uncommon for a full cow hide. What does this mean? Start with a measurement of a hide sold in the U.S., using units of square feet. (Europe = .092 square meter) No hide is made up of perfect squares. To do this, much material would have to be cut away and wasted. In a reputable tannery, an accurate Machine will measure the square feet and fractions of, printing on the back side, the whole units and fractions together. This accounts for the Irregular shape of every type of hide, giving the closest possible size down to quarter increments of a square foot. (.1 = 1/4, .2 = 1/2, .3 = 3/4) Keep in mind this will vary. Not all larger hides are the same either. They vary slightly as in nature. The Overall Measurements; Length of the cow would be 6 feet (72 Inches), the width at the widest Back point 5.5 feet (66 Inches), narrowing at the Neck to 4.5 feet (54 Inches).


The average Lamb Hide will run much smaller. These average in a Bundle (12 full skins) from 5 to 9 square feet. Yes, they can be a little smaller and Sheep (adult Lamb) can still have the Hand (feel) and be associated with that bundle exceeding 10 square feet. These skins are Not split. They are sold full, as the areas mostly required fall into 1 of these sizes. If a pattern requires an even split, this is done after by the person using it. Overall, the Average size skin would translate to an area of 28 Inches from Neck to Back by 25 Inches in width.


When measuring leather for any use, upholstery to garment and everything in between, we caution to calculate above the number estimated. There will be holes, brand marks, stretch marks, imperfections to tone & texture. These are minimized with high quality tanned leather but are present in some form with all.




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