Quick Size Reference, Basic Seating for Interior Design Application of Cow Leather Hides

To repeat from other posts, a 54 Inch Roll of Fabric covers 1 Length of an Approximate 55 square foot Full Cow Hide. Most of our Cow hides run larger because their origin is Europe. The other measurement runs Perpendicular. 36 Inches is equal to 1 yard, so 2 to 3 yards is the perpendicular measurement of the full cow hide.

Keep in mind, extra is always needed when cutting and applying leather material.

A Barstool can be taken care of with a large half hide of cow (side of, split down the center from neck to back). This could be 1 smaller full hide as well, 2 yards minimum regardless. Most small basic chairs will suffice with the same.

A more grand type of seat like a Wing-Chair can have several panels and stitch and seam breaks. Depending on if all are covered, 2, 2 and a half to 3 hides may be implemented. Tufted work can have many panels and require up to 4 full hides for a 6 linear foot love seat, 220 to 250 square feet of cow leather being applied.

Larger pieces, like a 3-seat sofa can require up to 6 hides, covering all pillows, back and details, adding up to 300 or more square feet of leather. Again, where the stitch breaks are, how much of the entire seat is covered with leather and the form itself, can vary measurements quite a bit.

Overall measurements, style and exact panels to be covered, (possibly an image to study) can allow us to make accurate assessments and provide the correct amount of leather for any project.

Please inquire further on any project you may have, for proper guidance and implementation.

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