Inspiration can come from anywhere. A person can be inspired by the Lines of a Car, the Color of a Flower, on and on…Keeping notes, photos, drawings can be vital. Style Boards and other Inspiration just being hung or placed in our work areas, can be a great way to get the creative energy going. Then an idea needs to become Tangible. A PATTERN is made based on an idea using heavy weight paper, thin cardboard or other Paper Material that can be easily cut and written on with measurements, labels, notes, etc… Then there is the SAMPLE. This can be sewn with the intended materials or with lesser value items (low grade-sorted leather or a basic fabric weave known as a MUSLIN) to avoid cost BUT sometimes these do not respond as well as the actual Leather or other, that is going into the final creation. Then FITTING takes place. How does this fit and position on an actual human. Adjustments are made and then another is done. This process can repeat as many designers are well aware of. The final PRODUCTION run SHOULD be done using the correct material first in a controlled run, then in quantity. 




Applying this to a hide of LAMB for instance, imagine all of your Pattern Pieces that have been Cut placed Within that skin. This is where things are critical. Place them every which way to maximize the Yield of the Leather – using as much of the skin as possible with little left over. There are certain patterns that work better with certain shapes. This will come with time and experience. So, mentally take the above pieces and place them on the full skin below.