To make the right choices and get the correct leather or suede material for your project, prior communication is often vital. This has been mentioned before and will be a repeating theme because this won’t change. Every use requires a specific thickness, finish, size, among other variables, to maximize the the great qualities of leather & suede for multiple, distinct applications.


That being said, when we are given some direction, we can offer Free Swatches of most items, taken upon a visit to our 525 Seventh Avenue showroom or sent to your location by regular USPS mail, no charge. Swatches will go out the day of the request if we are in the showroom (most weekdays). The other topic that should be addressed here is;

SAME-DAY MATERIAL DELIVERY & A MEMBER OF OUR TEAM VISITING YOU. Within reason, if an item is in-stock, with regard to Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, we can stop by, drop swatches and offer in-person, in-office consultation. Just Ask. Let us get out from behind our machines for a moment and meet. There is no substitute for holding & feeling a tangible and dynamic product like leather, observing its characteristics, which are often lost in a digital world. Also, please note, we have a LARGE STOCK of LEATHER & SUEDE HIDES IN NYC, to support the showroom. This allows many orders to be completed within 24 hours.