Understanding Pricing (with Number$$$)


Pricing is pretty Straightforward. It does not appear so at first though. (All figures are discussed Prior to Shipping & Handling. If an In-Showroom purchase is made, No added cost is applied). We often get asked, where are the Prices. If somone does a quick visit to Our Online Shop In This Site, 1 of our largest stock items, Lamb, is clearly Priced at a current 39 USD Per Hide. A Flat Domestic Rate of Regular Shipping comes up after, before completion. If specialized Shipping is required, for example, with getting things Faster, the Rate will change. That is pretty Universal. It is more common with people who have not purchased Leather & related materials, to get intimidated with the Cost. It will become familiar quickly, with a few purchases.

A Roll of Fabric is more approachable because the are a Set Width and then a Set Price Per Yard. Leather is often sold By the Square Foot. We have established a Set Price Per Hide for All Solid Lamb Within the Range of 6 to 8 Square Feet. This is an attempt to simplify certain items like these hides, using the Fabric method. Others will follow soon.

Cow Leather most often comes in 2 Shapes. Half Hide, Halved from the Neck Center down through to the Tail. The other is Full Hide, as it implies, most of the Entire Hide is offered. Pricing begins at 5 USD. There are different finishes, styles & qualities that Can Increase this Price point. The increments usually Increase by 50 Cents per Square Foot, so 5.50, 6.50, 7, 7.50 and soon. With this in mind, a half hide of Cow Leather would begin at a little over 20 square feet, say 22. That would put the Cost at 110 for that Half hide. A 45 square foot Full hide would be priced at 225 USD.

All TRIM & LACE items are sold BY THE LINEAR YARD (36 INCHES.) There are many different Styles & Sizes (Widths). To know the Price of these, simply Reference our Extensive Online Trim Section, provide a Size & Style & Amount (Yards) needed. For Example, if a certain Trim is 4 USD. You need 10 Yards. The Cost before shipping is 40 USD. There are also some Finished Smaller Leather Items offered in the Shop. They have exact Pricing given as well. It is that simple.

Just Email us at Leatherfacts@msn.com Or Call us at 212.302.2332. Once we reference the type, size, style & finish, a Quote can easily be provided.