LEATHER TRIM – the FOCUS in 2022


Leather Trim and related goods have been a large part of our Business for many years now. The In-House Stock once occupied large spaces on the ground floor of 38th Street, New York City Showrooms. It is now offered exclusively Online. Simply Email: Leatherimpact212@gmail.com to begin to learn how to get guidance and place an order.

There are many sizes, colors and styles involved in just the basic options. Raw Edge Trim implies that the leather is cut into a Trim. It is Not folded. Therefore, the Edge remains as-is, raw from the cut to the leather material. Perforated raw edge would be raw edge with perforation in a pattern along the center or side of the Trim. Folded Trim implies that the cut is then folded and bonded to the backside (suede side). Stitched can be folded then stitched or two raw edge face to face with stitch. There can be a single side stitch or both sides stitched (double-stitch). Cording can be Bolo (braided) or single cut cord. Metal-studded trim implies that Metal has been attached along the Trim. Spacing and Metal shape, size and color can vary.

Leather and Suede Trim is ordered and sold By the YARD. It is usually handled and offered on a spool, in quantity, like fabric trim. Most of what we offer is softer and flexible, so high-end lamb leather hides were used for the production. Some of our offerings like braided, basic colors, some raw edge and embossed are offered in stiffer, less stretchy Cow Leather and Suede.

We will be posting New Items Daily to the Site and Instagram @ Leatherimpact212.

Items are offered for Sale in the Trim Store Link her in the Site. If you Do Not see the Trim you are interested in, please Inquire with us. We can respond quickly and Likely have the Item In Stock or something close.

Hope this Primer helps those New to the design option of Leather and Suede Trim.