Q: Can anyone purchase materials from your company?

A: YES, we are a wholesale and retail operation. We accept all major credit cards, money orders and checks. In the event of payment by check, materials purchased must be held for several days in order to verify sufficient funds. We also do international wire transfers for prompt international transactions.

Q: What do you do, do you sell finished goods?

A: We are a privately-owned distributor of high-end leather, suede and related materials. We do not tan hides or sell items made from them. We do not represent one single tannery or supplier. Our strength comes from selling superior quality hides from various suppliers representing international tanneries and finishing factories. They are selected for particular items that we feel, they excel at producing and we showcase and sell those items, referred to as ‘articles.’

Q: Why do I need you, why can’t I just find suppliers and buy direct?

A: Finished hides are a craft to produce, with specific skills involved, resulting in a poor or superior finished product. To identify quality with regard to such materials is also a skill. There are many complex variables involved in knowing what the proper material for the destined use is. I would urge everyone using such materials, to consult and secure them through a company such as mine (we have been doing this for decades), to eliminate the risk and get what you truly want and need. There are many trying to unload poor goods that they have acquired in mass quantities. Please allow us to eliminate that possibility.

Q: Where is your price list?

A: There are several factors that contributed to working without one. The main ones are that purchases can be affected by quantity, in terms of discounts. We have always been flexible and willing to reward repeat shoppers and substantial purchases with savings. Also, we are of a strong belief that our materials are not finite goods and therefore should not be purchased by comparison shopping, with limited ability to truly compare such materials. Simply email or call us with regard to any item and we will provide a price when requested.

Q: Can I buy items without contacting anyone? Why are you not set up for ecommerce transactions?

A:  It would be nice, but after much thought, we continue to take orders by phone. The most obvious reason is better explained elsewhere in this site. Many leather items cannot be ordered ‘to the exact yard’ like fabrics. Also, it will greatly reduce incorrect material orders if customers at least have a brief consultation before actually purchasing these types of items. It is also a way to keep things personal. Again, we are a private business and highly regard our relationships with our customers. You can provide all order information except payment type. You can ask as many questions as need be, by email or phone. You can provide a contact number and we will call you. The phone conversation can be very brief so long as all other information is provided in advance. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to hearing from you.

Q: Why are some items more than others, with regard to price, when they look similar?

A: As a general rule, the more processes done to a hide, the more it will cost. Each process involves more materials with regard to input and more actual work and time involved. Adversely, some hides are minimally finished, giving them a soft ‘naked’ ‘hand’ or feel. When this occurs, all imperfections of that hide are visible and therefore hides with very minimal damage must be presorted in the initial stages and designated for this tanning method and finish. This creates a higher price due to the process of hand-selecting these hides and to the fact that they are naturally ‘blemish free’. Please keep in mind that while the soft feel is nice, these hides are therefore more porous due to lack of finish and therefore, more susceptible to wear and other damage.

Q: How have you arrived at your prices for your particular goods carried?

A: All hides are NOT created equal. Again, the processes, from selection to finished goods, are truly a craft and as such, can be done in a poor or excellent manner. We turn down more suppliers than we work with and feel we only distribute top quality materials, that are priced accordingly. Although many of the goods are European and we are purchasing them with U.S. dollars, we are doing our best to offer fair pricing.

Q: Can I get a brochure or catalog of your goods?

A: Our inventory is extremely large. We are receiving new and exciting items on a weekly basis. Although, many materials are available at all times, some are changing with the times and trends. It is more accurate to request swatches, which we provide, for a small fee. (Use the terminology and online swatches provided, to create your request.)

Q: Is there a minimum to purchase your materials…can I buy just one hide?

A: YES, if the item is in our stock, in our New York City showroom, we will gladly sell you one hide or one yard, in the case of trim. That is our minimum. We cannot cut hides and sell portions thereof. Many other items can be purchased in small amounts even if they have to be obtained by us. If the item requested is not in stock, feel free to ask what the minimum quantity and time frame are.

Q: Are all of your items for sale, displayed on your web site?

A: NO. If we put all of the items that we sell on the site, it would do more harm than good. We made the decision to provide an accurate and positive introduction to our goods for sale that is clear and easy to navigate through, in an online store. We also create custom items. Not only can small amounts be ordered outside of our stock, many items can be referenced from our online swatches, and requested in alternate colors and finishes, being delivered in relatively short periods of time. Suede, hair hides, patents, perforations and other items can be done. If we don’t have it, we can most likely get it quickly. Please just ask for ANY type of hide. We have a tremendous network of suppliers and so long as it is legal to obtain, we will make every attempt to get it for you.

Q: Can I return an item?

A: Items can be returned for store credit, if we are contacted within 3 business days of receiving the item. In extreme circumstances of misunderstanding or damage, we can provide a refund once our goods are returned for inspection. Shipping will only be refunded if the item is damaged or faulty. Please take your time viewing our web site and ask as many questions as necessary, to minimize misunderstandings, resulting in incorrect purchases. If the item has been custom-made, you own it. Please consult and communicate with us as well as possible with regard to these items to avoid issues.

Q: Do you have an actual store I can visit?

A: YES, we have a 1,700 square foot showroom on the ground floor of 240 West 38th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue, in the Midtown South area of New York City. Please visit us Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM to 5 PM. If there is a question regarding holiday openings, please contact us beforehand for possible closures.

Q: Can I get answers to questions outside of the business hours?

A: YES, this is a private business and to the best of our ability, we rarely stop working. Although, we can only ship goods out of our location on the above business days, up until 3 PM eastern standard time. An order can be requested with an email during off-hours, so that it is attended to immediately, the morning of the next business day and therefore the process will likely move quicker. This also allows time for common back and forth communication, to come to the proper final purchase.

Q: How do I know what size everything is and how much I need for a particular job?

A: Hides are a natural product and as such, flexibility and approximations must be used to get the proper amount of material for any particular requirement. I would always suggest ‘rounding up’ a total square footage requirement. People often think we are trying to ‘over sell’ them. There will always be some waste with hides and the slightly larger size will ‘cover’ the job, whatever it may be. Know your pattern or dimensions by inches or feet and then leave the rest to us. We will suggest the proper hides and sizes with regard to those figures. Most hides are measured in square footage. As an example, The average full cow hide has an ‘overall’ dimension of a little more than 5 feet in width by 6 feet in length. The measurement on any other hide can be requested with an email.